Fern’s Festive Fascination


Despite discovering they weren’t edible, Fern found the snow globes very fascinating!


This looks interesting…


It’s snowing in there!



These are so pretty!


A Piggy Interlude #1

An earlier conversation…

Fern: Thank you for cleaning out our cage, giving us new fleeces to snuggle on and tasty noms to devour.

Me: You’re very welcome Fern.

Fern: Let me demonstrate my continued gratitude to you by chewing on your jumper; I’m fully aware it’s your favourite.

Me: (sigh)

My gorgeous guinea pigs

The girls have now claimed the leopard print dressing gown and like me to make it into a nest so they can sit on the desk next to me as I work. I wish I had the ability to re-fashion it into a fabulous piggy palace but as I barely manage to sew buttons on, this isn’t going to happen!

Instead, they’ve been promised a snuggly bed for Xmas and I’ll cut the dressing gown up and try to make a little cover.

If you’re wondering why I don’t take many pictures of Rosebud, it’s because she is still painfully shy. I only take pictures of her when she’s happy for me to do so and I never use the flash, as I know it would petrify her.  Photographs don’t do her justice anyway – she even more beautiful in real life.  I have no idea why she is so shy but she is getting a bit braver as time goes on. Fern, on the other hand, is an utter diva and demands to be picked up, cuddled, photographed and generally fawned over! So of course, I oblige!

I hope you enjoy these pictures of my beautiful guineas. Have a great weekend!

Look how cute I am!

Look how cute I am!

Kiss my nose!

Piggy nose

Fern & Rosebud do their best yin yang impression

Fern & Rosebud do their best yin yang impression

Beautiful little Rosebud

Beautiful little Rosebud

Piggy kisses

Piggy kisses

I want to be in the picture too!

I want to be in the picture too!

Autumn clean: the new spring clean?

Traditionally, we spring clean in order to get our homes and belongings ready for the summer.  However, it seems to make more sense to me get this done in the autumn as we spend more time in the house during the colder months than we do when it’s warming up.  Therefore, over the next few days, I am having a massive clear out.  I’ve had a charity bag on the go for a few weeks now; every time I discover an item of clothing I haven’t worn for ages or one I wear and then decide I don’t like, its been going in the bag (laundered first, obviously!).  The bag is getting pretty heavy and rather full now but my wardrobe is still quite literally, bursting at the seams!

With all the cold weather we’ve been having over the past few days, I decided that I would reclaim a fluffy leopard print dressing gown from the bag.  It was consigned to the charity when the weather was warmer but as I’m feeling the chill somewhat, I thought it might come in handy.  Having put it to one side, I got Fern and Rosebud out for a run.  They too thought it was ‘useful’ and proceeded to make a nest in it, curl up and go to sleep!  They weren’t particularly impressed by me lifting up the top of the ‘nest’ to take this picture but I couldn’t resist…

Rosebud’s hair seems to be getting longer by the day!

(I keep the girls on fleece and vetbed so they obviously assumed this was just an extension of their bed, albeit one they could burrow into and hide under!  Having seen this reaction, I definitely think I’ll get them some of those fleecy tunnels and guinea pig beds for Christmas.  I’ve seen a few on the internet and was wondering if anyone could recommend any good quality ones to me?)

I’m also trying to downsize a lot of ‘stuff’ as I want to make more space so that I can work on more artistic endeavours.  In response to some queries I’ve had recently, I’ve decided to start taking commissions for pieces, including pet portraits (or should I say pawtraits?!).  Exciting times!

Fern’s First Blog

I had every intention of writing a follow-up to my recent post on Making Way for the New.  However, under the pretence of wanting some attention and a wander around the room, Fern took over the computer and the blogging for today…

Hello Fern here.  As you can see I have taken over the blog for today.  I started by looking at the boring stuff already written…


Obviously, I deleted it…


I googled piggy related stuff instead (Rosebud and I REALLY want one of those handmade piggy sofas each for Christmas).  Then I realised I’d better start writing the blog.


But to be honest, by that time I couldn’t really be bothered.


So I went searching for tasty noms instead.


Thank you Cheap Frills for my guinea pig necklace!

I decided to treat myself (well, it was my birthday) to a really lovely piece of jewellery with a guinea pig theme.  I’d been sporadically looking at eBay and online but nothing was ever quite what I wanted.  Reading through an old copy of Vintage Life magazine, I came across an advert for an on-line jewellery store called Cheap Frills…and lo and behold, there happened to be this beautiful porcelain guinea pendant:


It arrived very promptly, beautifully wrapped AND with a free half moon pendant and necklace.  What’s not to love?!  I’m sat waiting for two more necklaces to arrive from Cheap Frills; you’ll have to just wait and see what they are like…