Fern’s Festive Fascination


Despite discovering they weren’t edible, Fern found the snow globes very fascinating!


This looks interesting…


It’s snowing in there!



These are so pretty!



I got to thinking today about the notion of communities and community spirit.  As a fairly new member of the blogging community I am pleasantly surprised by how friendly and kind other bloggers have been.  I’m also happy to say that, through reading the work of other bloggers, I have learnt an awful lot of new stuff!

The things I write about on my blog are somewhat diverse but they are what makes me, well me!  Being part of this online community has enabled me to get an insight into the unique and wonderful worlds of others with similar interests to myself.  I live in quite a small town so the likelihood of me bumping into a guinea pig obsessed, vintage wearing individual with their nose buried in classic literature is pretty thin to say the least.  In contrast, I can type in the words ‘vintage’, ‘literature’ or ‘guinea pig’ and immediately be offered a plethora of potential writers to connect with.

The act of committing your thoughts, feelings and ideas into writing is a cathartic process and one that humans have been doing for hundreds of years.  How lucky are we that we can do that and then share those thoughts with others around the world with just a few key strokes?  It always makes me smile when I see that people in other countries have read my blog – it’s wonderful that people on the other side of the world to me are interested in what I have to say.  We really are part of a community and even though it’s an online one, surely it’s just as important as the traditional kind?

Thank you Cheap Frills for my guinea pig necklace!

I decided to treat myself (well, it was my birthday) to a really lovely piece of jewellery with a guinea pig theme.  I’d been sporadically looking at eBay and online but nothing was ever quite what I wanted.  Reading through an old copy of Vintage Life magazine, I came across an advert for an on-line jewellery store called Cheap Frills…and lo and behold, there happened to be this beautiful porcelain guinea pendant:


It arrived very promptly, beautifully wrapped AND with a free half moon pendant and necklace.  What’s not to love?!  I’m sat waiting for two more necklaces to arrive from Cheap Frills; you’ll have to just wait and see what they are like…