Bumblebees are glorious little insects.  Their drowsy buzzing coupled with their plump, fluffy bodies languidly drifting from flower to flower always evokes warm spring days for me.  Having managed to capture this little chap on camera yesterday, I was saddened to read that the number of bumblebees in the UK is falling quite rapidly.


The Bumblebee Conservation Trust website states that two bumblebee species have become extinct in the UK since 1940.  Numbers of the remaining species are in decline and therefore, it is vitally important that we do what we can to make our outdoor spaces ‘bee friendly’.  Lots of plants and seeds are now labelled as bee friendly, so it’s easy to source different things to put in your garden/window box/patio tubs that will attract bees.  There’s a whole section on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website that details the best ways to garden for bumblebees.  Just from observing them in my own and other gardens in the area, I know they are particularly attracted to lavender and the buddleia.

Interestingly, the website also has an online shop section where you can purchase pin badges.  I’ve bought a white tailed bumble bee badge to add to my collection because I think that’s the species of the one in my photo (it’s the closest looking one anyway!).





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