Wild and wonderful weather

Writing a post about the weather probably makes me sound terribly British.  However, we’ve been having such wild weather in my little corner of the UK, I thought I’d share these two photos…

storm sky

double rainbowWhat’s the weather been like where you are?

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Autumn is my favourite season!

There is something inherently magical about the Autumn.  The leaves turn the most glorious shades of red, gold and orange and squirrels busy themselves preparing for the prolonged cold of the winter.  If you walk out in the evenings you are bombarded with the scent of Autumn, which is a blend of wood burner smoke, crisp air and fallen leaves.  Walking along and kicking the crispy, fallen leaves is one of life’s ultimate pleasures – whether you’re a child or an adult!

Halloween is just around the corner and already the shops windows in town are festooned in cobwebs, pumpkins and skeletons.  Whilst I love the excitement and fun associated with Halloween, I also like to take some time for reflection on the past year and to think about those who are no longer with us.

Fast on the heels of Halloween, comes Bonfire Night.  A few years ago, I took a couple of Italian friends to a local Bonfire Night event.  They were utterly enthralled and it was actually quite a privilege to introduce them to such a well-loved aspect of British heritage.  Needless to say, they enjoyed the primeval nature of staring into the bonfire, coupled with drinking cider and writing rude words in the air with sparklers!


Tonight, I had to stop to take this picture of the sky on my phone.  I’d just driven home and as I looked up, I saw the most amazing pink-tinged autumnal sky.