The last day of NaBloPoMo

IMG_2316-1Well, we’ve made it: the very last day of NaBloPoMo.  Anyone who has managed to complete it, give yourselves a massive pat on the back and feel quite rightly pleased with yourself!

It’s certainly not been an easy challenge for me but here’s a few things I’ve learnt along the way:

  1. Writing every day is hard.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  However, it is also *liberating/wonderful/expressive/cathartic… (*insert adjective of your choice here).
  2. Taking part in NaBloPoMo means you not only write more, you read more.  I’ve followed and commented on lots of different blogs since the start of November and ‘met’ some amazing bloggers along the way.
  3. The best posts are often the spontaneous ones you write when you’re stuck for something to say, so instead write from the heart or write with tongue firmly in cheek.
  4. I love (and need) a challenge.  Ok, I already knew that but NaBloPo confirmed it.
  5. All the best laid plans can easily go out of the window and it’s not always a bad thing if they do (see item 3).
  6. You don’t have to be sat at a computer to blog.  For example, I’ve blogged perfectly successfully from a delayed train and a pub this month, using my iPhone.
  7. Photographs help make your posts more visual but they aren’t always necessary.  Sometimes words are enough.
  8. People out there in ‘blog land’ are helpful, kind and supportive.  Even some of my less-than-perfect posts have received numerous likes (thank you folks!).
  9. Writing about the things you love or care about will always resonate with someone.
  10. Even on the days when writing has felt like a chore, ultimately I’ve enjoyed every minute.


I hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in NaBloPo too.


Why do we write?

Someone asked me today about why I study English literature.  My answer was very simple: because I love writing.  I love to read what other people have written, learn from it and write things of my own.  For a long time, I saw writing as something I would do in the future but I’ve recently realised that I am already a writer.  Any one of us sat in front of our laptops, turning out blog post after blog post is a writer.

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, I had some idea about what I wanted to write about – books, art, vintage stuff and of course, guinea pigs.  Even over this relatively short time, the blog has adapted, much as I have changed myself.  I made the conscious decision to use this blog as a channel to celebrate different subjects, whether it was a review about a book I really enjoyed or a couple of cute pictures of my fish!  I’m a realist and I fully understand that life is not all rainbows and unicorns and that sometimes we need to talk about things that are uncomfortable or difficult in order to bring them into the public consciousness.  However, I want to write posts that make me smile and (hopefully) make others smile too!

Taking part in NaBloPoMo has been quite difficult for me in a number of ways – primarily through managing my time effectively.  When I first started, I assumed that all blogs needed to be planned well in advance, be of a certain length and had to include an image.  Ironically, some of my most popular posts this month have been ones I have come up with on the spot or snapshots of my day.

My question for all you fabulous bloogers out there is: what you have written that really makes you proud?  Was it a thought-provoking discussion piece?  Was it posting a really amazing image, photograph or drawing?  Was it being brave enough to say something heartfelt that you have never admitted before?

Irrespective of what it was about, remember that it was something you created and be proud.

Blogging everyday during November

Well, I’ve signed up to NaBloPoMo, which I’ve very excited (and ever so slightly nervous) about completing!  I’m pretty busy at the moment as I’m in the middle of researching and writing an MA essay on Byron, so it could well be that a few of my blog posts reflect that. Byron is pretty cool though so that shouldn’t be too much of a hardship!  I’m also busy creating new arty pieces and I’ll photograph and write about those too.

I’m really looking forward to reading what other NaBloPoMo bloggers write – I’ve already followed a couple of new people from the blogroll list.

If you want to join me on this intrepid blogging adventure, click on the link above and follow the instructions.  You have until 5 November to sign up to the blogroll.  Hope to see you there.

Wish me luck…!



I got to thinking today about the notion of communities and community spirit.  As a fairly new member of the blogging community I am pleasantly surprised by how friendly and kind other bloggers have been.  I’m also happy to say that, through reading the work of other bloggers, I have learnt an awful lot of new stuff!

The things I write about on my blog are somewhat diverse but they are what makes me, well me!  Being part of this online community has enabled me to get an insight into the unique and wonderful worlds of others with similar interests to myself.  I live in quite a small town so the likelihood of me bumping into a guinea pig obsessed, vintage wearing individual with their nose buried in classic literature is pretty thin to say the least.  In contrast, I can type in the words ‘vintage’, ‘literature’ or ‘guinea pig’ and immediately be offered a plethora of potential writers to connect with.

The act of committing your thoughts, feelings and ideas into writing is a cathartic process and one that humans have been doing for hundreds of years.  How lucky are we that we can do that and then share those thoughts with others around the world with just a few key strokes?  It always makes me smile when I see that people in other countries have read my blog – it’s wonderful that people on the other side of the world to me are interested in what I have to say.  We really are part of a community and even though it’s an online one, surely it’s just as important as the traditional kind?