Wild and wonderful weather

Writing a post about the weather probably makes me sound terribly British.  However, we’ve been having such wild weather in my little corner of the UK, I thought I’d share these two photos…

storm sky

double rainbowWhat’s the weather been like where you are?

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Crystal Haul

crystal haul

I went to one of the BSSK mind, body, spirit fairs on Saturday and, amongst other things, I picked up some lovely new crystals.  I’ve written before about some of the crystals I own and I know a lot of you are also interested in them so I thought I’d share these with you.

The first piece I chose was this opalite crystal skull:

opalite crystal skull

I’ve got a couple of pieces of opalite but I was particularly drawn to this piece as it has been carved into a skull.  I got a red jasper skull for Christmas and it’s one of my favourite crystals.  Unfortunately, the photograph doesn’t really do it justice but you can get an idea of the beautiful rainbow shades in this crystal.  Opalite is said to help bring peace and can also help with stabilising mood swings.

The second piece I bought was this scarab beetle dumortierite pendant:

dumortierite crystal

Prior to Saturday, I’d never heard of this crystal – I actually thought it was a piece of sodalite when I originally picked it up.  Dumortierite is said to help with intellectual endeavours so I’ll be wearing it when I start researching and writing my dissertation over the next few weeks.

The final piece I bought is really beautiful and again, another crystal I hadn’t heard of before:

vera cruz amethyst

Apparently, Vera Cruz amethyst is quite rare as the Vera Cruz mine in Mexico where it is found has been closed down for some years.  This pendant has been wrapped in copper wire and I think it was the almost rustic nature of the design that really caught my eye.  This crystal is said to have very high vibrational energy and aids meditation.

I was initially a little disappointed as I went with the intention of buying a red jasper ring but couldn’t find one anywhere!  However, I ended up discovering two new crystals and buying three pieces I really love.

Do you have favourite crystals and how have they helped you?

 I’d love to hear your experiences, so please let me know in the comments below.

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Why are our pets so important to us?

iheartmypetsDuring the week, I stumbled across this article on the BBC website, stating that children are more likely to confide in their pets than they are their siblings.  As I’m an only child who grew up surrounded by a variety of different pets, there was a lot in the article that I could relate to.

I count myself as extremely lucky to have grown up in a house where owning pets was the norm.  A number of my friends weren’t allowed pets as they were ‘too messy’ or ‘needed too much looking after’ and I can help but think they missed out.  Ironically, many people ask me if I think I missed out by not having brothers or sisters and I can honestly say I didn’t!  I was never alone and never lonely.  My dog, Mitzi, rarely left my side when I was a child.  She arrived at our house an undernourished, scrawny puppy with her twin sister Susie.  We were supposed to be fostering them for a local rescue shelter but when it came to sending them back, we were so devastated that they ended up staying!

Despite having a lousy start in life (the rest of the litter and the mother had died) they were both incredibly friendly and outgoing little characters.  Like all terriers, Mitzi was full of fun and mischief and particularly delighted in finding odious things to roll in when she was out on a walk.  Even as a child, I was an avid reader and would spend hours reading books aloud to Mitzi.  She’d sit quietly next to me whilst I poured out all the trials and tribulations of my days at school and was always ready to offer licks, cuddles and unconditional love.  I couldn’t have asked for a better friend or confidante.

Mitzi has been gone a long time now.  She finally departed after a long battle with illness, around the time I was taking my A levels.   Since then, I’ve been lucky to share my life with many different animals.  Each one with its own personality, idiosyncrasies and special place in my heart.

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A guinea pig update



I’ve been promising to write a piggy update for a while now.  So, here’s the girls watching TV from the luxury and comfort of their brand new cuddle cup with matching pillow, made by the lovely Pigs in Blankets.

Don’t they look sweet?

Check out Pigs in Blankets on their Facebook page and Twitter – they have a beautiful range of products and designs suitable for piggies and other small rodents.


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Do the perfect pair of black leggings exist? I think so…

There’s something almost Holy Grail-esque about finding perfect wardrobe basics. Considering these garments are defined as ‘basic’, it is easy to assume that purchasing them will be well, basic. As every committed fashionista out there knows however, this is sadly … Continue reading

A quick catch up…

I’ve been meat-free all March and have decided to keep going…


…I’ve been enjoying the fact that spring is very definitely here…

…and I’ve picked up a few bargains from my favourite charity shops…


What have you been getting up to lately?

Mindful Monday: Getting up close and personal with nature

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote the first Mindful Monday post, which you can check out here.  The idea is discuss different ways of relaxing, how to take time out of our busy lives and to explore different forms of meditation.  Seeing as spring is in the air, today’s post is all about getting outside…

Normally, I would advise against having any gadgets around you when being mindful or meditating however, you may find a camera useful – I used the camera on my phone.  The idea this week is take a walk and look for signs of how nature is changing to reflect the season.  I set myself the theme of ‘texture’ and decided I would take 5 pictures that were indicative of this.  As I was looking for interesting textures, I also found myself noticing the beautiful juxtaposition between the fresh new shoots of growth and the old, seemingly dead growth from last year.


Glossy leaves

I don't know what this plant is called but I love the texture

I don’t know what this plant is called but I love the fluffy texture

Ivy is a good example of a plant we see all year round - do we necessarily notice how it changes throughout the year though?

Ivy is a good example of a plant we see all year round – do we necessarily notice how it changes throughout the year though?

Do you remember doing tree bark rubbings with sugar paper and brightly coloured crayons?

Do you remember doing tree bark rubbings with sugar paper and brightly coloured crayons?

The juxtaposition between the old and the new

The juxtaposition between the old and the new

All these photos were taken within a 5 minute walk from my house – you neither have to walk far nor anywhere particularly interesting to get great shots.  In fact, you may find some inspiration in your own garden!

If anyone else would like to take part in Mindful Mondays with me, I’ll be popping my photos onto my social media accounts.  If you fancy joining in on Twitter or Instagram, just upload your photos, tag me @vintageguinea and #MindfulMonday.  Oh and don’t worry if you can’t upload on a Monday, I’ll just be posting different topic ideas on a Monday but the theme will run all week!

Five Fabulous Beauty Finds for Spring

As it’s the beginning of March, I thought I’d tell you about my favourite (and fabulous) beauty finds for spring. Some have been in my make-up arsenal for a while, whilst others are complete newbies, but I’m seriously loving all five…

1.  Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contouring Kit

I bought this from Boots yesterday and at £6.99 I thought it was a great budget introduction to the art of contouring. I had a little play this morning but am going to watch some YouTube tutorials in the hope of really getting to grips with this beauty phenomenon. Any advice will be most welcome!

2.  Vaseline  Lip Therapy Queen Bee

I got this for Christmas inside my Zoella guinea pig make up bag (guinea pig themed blog on the way very soon). It smells great and is the perfect solution for chapped lips. I’ve also been dabbing a little over the top of my red lippy for a glossy finish.


3.  Barry M Brow Kit Shape & Define

Another Barry M bargain – I love the price and quality of Barry M products, not to mention the wide range. This brow kit is a fab alternative to the pricey HD Brows kit. I can’t quite remember how much this kit cost as I’ve had it a while – you can probably tell from how battered the box is – but it was around £5. It contains a gel, a dark brown powder, a light highlighter, brush and mini tweezers!!


4.  Revlon Professional Uniq One

I’ve been using this for about 4 years now and I buy it directly from my hairdresser. I used to have very bleached white hair and this stuff is just fantastic for conditioning and detangling. It’s a fantastic all in one spray and a little goes a long way. All you need is a few sprays on wet hair and then comb it through to distribute.  Easy peasy!


5. London Butterflies Body Butter Soufflé

This came as part of my February Birchbox and I included it in my list because it smells utterly divine. I’ve been smothering it on my elbows so that when I start fake tanning, I won’t get any dodgy patchy bits! It absorbs really well and the scent lasts for ages.

What are your favourite beauty buys for spring?