Spring is certainly springing

It’s been really cold and wintery here so when I saw these beautiful crocuses yesterday, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures on my iPhone.  Aren’t they magnificent?spring crocus

spring crocus

I can see a few daffodils starting to bud in the front garden too.  The sun is making an effort although the wind is still bitingly cold and I’d be naive to think I could head out without a thick coat and scarf!

Despite this, I feel my spirits lifting and I’m certainly looking forward to the lighter evenings and better weather.

What signs of spring have you seen recently?

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10 thoughts on “Spring is certainly springing

  1. Nature always does it thing. I enjoy seeing pictures of the beauty shared with us. Wishing everyone a moment or two to stop and marvel at the power and strength. We should take notes and do better as a race and as people who walk along with nature.

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      • Aw thank you 😊
        Yes it’s wonderful how nature can have such a profound affect on us. Haven’t had a particularly good week emotionally but seeing these yesterday really brightened my day and on some level, the recognition that spring was on its way knocked me out of my wintery doldrums!

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      • Welcome 🙂 A tea cup raised to wish for a more strength filled up coming week.

        Nature surrounds us and we simply have to notice. We are under snow here in New England USA but it’s the birds that keep me aware of the changing of seasons. The tilt of the earth allowing the sun to shine longer during the day.

        Thank you for the deep smile and breath this morning. Shades are still drawn, yet the freshness of nature permeates my senses. Peace and Mother Nature promises.


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