Clothes Show Live 2014 Beauty Haul – Part 2

Apologies for not getting this posted sooner but I’m busy essay writing and I just don’t seem to have enough hours in my day to get everything done at the moment!

Last week, I blogged about the lovely Barry M goodies I picked up at the Clothes Show Live event.  In addition to these, I also got a goody bag from W7 Cosmetics and a rather nifty little set of hair removal pads from a company called Melody-Claire.

Here’s the W7 goody bag:

The W7 Cosmetics goody bag

The W7 Cosmetics goody bag

This bag was great value as it was part of a two for £10 deal (I had one and my friend the other) so it literally only cost us a fiver each…bargain!  I’ve bought W7 mascaras before but hadn’t previous tried any of the other products.  I’ve seen quite a few people blogging about the nude shade W7 eye palette at the moment, which seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback.

My goody bag contained:

  • 3 x fruity Lip Bombs (lip balms)
  • black eyeliner pencil
  • City Slicker eye make up remover
  • Space Debris blue glitter
  • Wild Lash mascara in black
  • Flutter Eyes false eyelashes
  • Celebrity Secrets eye palette in Smokin
  • Magic Beads nail beads in Pick and Mix
  • Playboy Nail Polish
  • A handbag-style cosmetic bag

I’ve used the strawberry Lip Bomb and the eyeliner pencil so far and have been happy with both.  I think some of the other products may well find themselves part of Christmas presents as they would make cute little stocking fillers.

My final beauty buy from the Clothes Show was this hair remover set from Melody-Claire:


Melody-Claire Elegant Depilation Hair Removal System

As you can see, the set comprises of two different sized backing pads, to which you attach the micro-crystal hair removal pads.  In order to remove the hair, you rub the pads in clockwise and anti-clockwise movements.  Now I was pretty skeptical about this working until the lady demonstrating them removed a patch of my arm hair…it was completely painless!

I tried the pads out on my legs at the start of the week and it took me about the same time as it would to shave them.  I’d really recommend this product as I seem to keep nicking the skin round my ankle bones when I shave at the moment, and these pads eliminate that completely.  Again, I bought this as a buy one get one free offer with my friend.  The £20 price tag seemed a bit hefty for one set, but for two sets it was much more reasonable.  Plus, I think there are enough pads to last for the entire year so it probably works out cheaper than buying disposable razors.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and loved, liked or hated them!


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