My top 10 Britpop songs

This is my first ever top ten post so I thought I’d choose something I love but something I haven’t written about before. Therefore, I have settled upon the music of my teenage years: Britpop. Hopefully, it’ll bring back memories for some and introduce others to some amazing music…enjoy!

10. Babybird You’re Gorgeous
9. Garbage Stupid Girl
8. Suede Trash
7. Embrace Come Back to What You Know
6. Oasis Wonderwall
5. Manic Street Preachers Design for Life
4. The Verve Bittersweet Symphony
3. Pulp Disco 2000
2. Blur Country House
1. Pulp Common People

I make no apologies for Pulp appearing twice. I loved them in the nineties and that love has never dwindled 😍


4 thoughts on “My top 10 Britpop songs

  1. Great list! I love so many of the songs on this list-they bring back so many memories! My favourite Oasis song is ‘She’s Electric’. I agree that choosing two Pulp songs needs no apologies. My favourite Pulp songs are ‘Underwear’ and ‘Babies’. My husband can’t understand my love of Pulp and leaves the room whenever I play it. He’s not a fan of a lot of the music I like really.. but oh well. I just put it on loudly when he’s not around! Other Britpop songs I love are ‘Girl From Mars’ by Ash, ‘She Left Me on Friday’ by Shed Seven and ‘To The End’ by Blur.

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