Even more arty stuff

I had the afternoon off work today so I made the most of it and went and bought some new craft supplies in order to make some Christmas-themed pieces.  I’ve never really made cards before so I’ve been experimenting with different ideas.  I also had a couple of tiny canvases prepped up, which I thought would make great tree decorations.

Whilst I was in the craft section of the garden centre, I got chatting to a lovely retired gentleman about painting.  He recommended some paints to me and also suggested I watch a programme on Sky about portrait artists.  He told me all about the art group he is part of and the technical drawing challenges his teacher sets him.  Unfortunately, the art group is on during the morning so I can’t attend but it was so nice to have a chat with someone about different painting techniques and styles.  I recommended he try out gouache paints, so I hope he gets on well with them!

I worked on a silver and blue version of the stag piece I did on Monday:

Silver Stag

Silver Stag

I also designed two snowflake tree decorations on tiny canvases.  These are embellished in glitter, although it doesn’t show up that well in the photograph.  The fingerprint reindeer and robins will eventually find their way onto greetings cards.  I just need to get the lettering right now…

Canvas tree decorations and Christmas card designs

Canvas tree decorations and Christmas card designs


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