Why do we write?

Someone asked me today about why I study English literature.  My answer was very simple: because I love writing.  I love to read what other people have written, learn from it and write things of my own.  For a long time, I saw writing as something I would do in the future but I’ve recently realised that I am already a writer.  Any one of us sat in front of our laptops, turning out blog post after blog post is a writer.

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, I had some idea about what I wanted to write about – books, art, vintage stuff and of course, guinea pigs.  Even over this relatively short time, the blog has adapted, much as I have changed myself.  I made the conscious decision to use this blog as a channel to celebrate different subjects, whether it was a review about a book I really enjoyed or a couple of cute pictures of my fish!  I’m a realist and I fully understand that life is not all rainbows and unicorns and that sometimes we need to talk about things that are uncomfortable or difficult in order to bring them into the public consciousness.  However, I want to write posts that make me smile and (hopefully) make others smile too!

Taking part in NaBloPoMo has been quite difficult for me in a number of ways – primarily through managing my time effectively.  When I first started, I assumed that all blogs needed to be planned well in advance, be of a certain length and had to include an image.  Ironically, some of my most popular posts this month have been ones I have come up with on the spot or snapshots of my day.

My question for all you fabulous bloogers out there is: what you have written that really makes you proud?  Was it a thought-provoking discussion piece?  Was it posting a really amazing image, photograph or drawing?  Was it being brave enough to say something heartfelt that you have never admitted before?

Irrespective of what it was about, remember that it was something you created and be proud.


9 thoughts on “Why do we write?

  1. Great post! It took me quite a while to say out loud I was a writer too. For me, my posts about gaining confidence as a plus size woman which in turn I received a letter from a reader thanking me for inspiring them to be braver. That is my proudest moment.


    • Thank you for sharing your proudest moment Vicky. I’ve read quite a few of your posts and really enjoy the honesty of your writing and the way in which you promote healthy attitudes to body image and self confidence. Your reader’s letter of thanks was well deserved. 🙂


    • That’s fantastic work on your campaign. Just goes to show the power of the written word and it is testament to your hard work and dedication. I’d love to raise awareness about rescue animals. I have an ex-racing rescue greyhound (latest in a long line of rescue dogs) and a rescue rabbit and despite a bit of hard work at the start, they are both happy and wonderful additions to the family. x

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  2. I’ve enjoyed NaBloPoMo but have also found it difficult. It has made me question my purpose for blogging. I do enjoy it but since I started properly in January my aims for the blog have changed dramatically. I started off intending it to be mainly about Primary School English and the promoting of reading for children. It’s ended up as a catalogue of my book/pop culture thoughts but I think it’s working better for me this way. I’m probably most proud of a blog post I wrote about my own struggles with anxiety. I don’t actually think many people saw it but I got a private message through GoodReads from someone thanking me for sharing. This is a great post! Thank you for writing it!


    • Thank you for your lovely comments. It’s funny how our original intentions for our blogs are subject to alteration whaen we actually start writing. I wonder if it’s becuase what we want to say and what we need to say are sometimes very different things? I’m guessing writing a novel would be a nightmare for me – bet the characters would start going off at a tangent and become different people. Isn’t there a film about a writer whose characters take on a life of their own?

      If you would like to share your post on anxiety would you mind putting a link up to it? Good luck with the last 11 days of NaBloPoMo… 🙂


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