Making lists

I am a great one for making lists.  I make them at work and I make them at home.  I actually really like writing down all the things I have to do because once I’ve done them, I can put a great big flourishing tick next to them!  Ah, the sense of pride (and relief) from completing one more job.

This week I have outdone myself in terms of my lists.  Instead of the usual A4 sheet running down the page, I turned the paper landscape and divided it into 4 four columns.  This has nothing to do with making my list more aesthetically pleasing and everything to do with the fact that I have so much on at the moment I need to divide things into sections and compartmentalise the tasks a bit more.

Yesterday, I picked off most of the smaller or more generalised tasks, such as returning emails, visiting the opticians and updating my calendar with my next uni tutorial dates.  Most of the bigger stuff will probably get left until Friday and in the meantime, I’m sure the list will grow.  However, if I can keep chipping away at some of the tasks, I know I’ll reach the weekend without that overwhelming sense of being snowed under when all I really want to do is chill out.

I’m off to a fireworks display on Saturday evening so if I can get the bulk of my jobs done before then, that will be a lovely reward.  I’ll make sure I get some photos of the fireworks and you never know, I might even update you on how much of the list I actually do manage to complete!

Have a safe and happy fireworks night and please remember to check any bonfires before lighting in case there are any hedgehogs nesting under them.


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