Being happy

With the clocks going back and the darker nights setting in, I find it increasingly hard to stay motivated.  In the past, I’ve often felt like hibernating in the late autumn/winter; I dig my thickest jumpers out, wrap up and hide with a good book or film.  This year however, I am determined to stay positive and to try and enjoy the changing weather!

I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment and have decided to cut out alcohol for the entire month of November.  Whether this will be easy or not remains to be seen!  I’m also endeavouring to eat as healthily as possible and making fresh smoothies/protein shakes for breakfast.  I already eat a lot of vegetables and fruit so I’ve just got to stop going for those mid-afternoon pick-me-up chocolate bars now…

As strange as it may sound I really do love to exercise – particularly running – so I’m going to make sure I keep going for a run.  I’ll never be Paula Radcliffe but I can plod along at a consistent pace for quite a while.  I enjoy entering races (5k & 10k) and I’d love to do a half marathon next year.  Obviously, I’ll need to train…a lot!  Last year I did a 5 mile race in December dressed as Santa.  It was great fun even though I had a stinking cold and felt dreadful all the way round.  At least I was warm in my red fleece though!

I have an awful lot of reading to get through over the next month so I will still be treating myself to the odd hot chocolate (and marshmallows – rude not to) and I most probably will be wearing some kind of arctic fleece whilst doing so, but hey, a girl’s gotta pamper herself occasionally!

I’ve included this photo of fallen leaves I took last night – isn’t nature glorious?!



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