Review: The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin

This is the first book I have read by Daisy Goodwin and, as I was looking for a light read in between my MA literature, I wasn’t disappointed.  The plot hinges around the love triangle between three characters: Sisi, the Empress of Austria; Bay Middleton, a dashing officer and rider in the Grand National; and Charlotte, a rather unconventional young woman with a passion for photography.

Goodwin’s writing style is easy to follow and her characters are plausible, although some (such as Fred and Chicken) verge on the stereotypical and appear to be played for laughs.  In this regard, I feel that the novel would transition well to an enjoyable Sunday evening period drama on the TV.

After reading the novel, it was interesting to do a little research into the key characters, as they are based on real life historical figures.  There are some beautiful images of Sisi on the web and it is easy to see why she captured the imagination and romanticism of so many in her day.  I’d certainly recommend the novel if you are a lover of historical romance however, it’s perhaps not for you if you like a more tautly written portrayal of the grittier side of Victorian life.

Please follow this link to visit Daisy Goodwin’s website.


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