A bit about me…


It’s very exciting finally getting round to starting this blog.  It’s been something I’ve been meaning to/wanting to do for ages, but essay writing and general life have got in the way somewhat.  However, with my birthday literally around the corner, I am making the resolution to get cracking on all the projects I keep putting off…life’s too short to procrastinate, eh?

So, as you will probably have guessed, I LOVE guinea pigs.  I very sadly lost my darling Tristan last month.  He was the first of my guineas and was just shy of his 9th birthday.  I’ll be honest, I’m still not over his loss, but I had nearly 9  years with my amazing little friend.   I have so many stories about him and his quirky wonderfulness, which I will share with you as time goes on.   Currently, I have two beautiful little guinea girlies – Petal and Fern – who are proving to be quite the little characters and they will also be making an appearance on here before too long.  I also have a rather fabulous mini-rex called Rupert who is quite the distinguished rabbit about town.

I adore vintage fashion and decor and have incorporated many pieces into my home and wardrobe.  I’m regularly found rummaging around the local charity shops and quite literally cannot resist a bargain…  I up-cycle furniture and create my own pieces of art.

Oh and if you like literature, keep reading as I’ll be reviewing and recommending good reads as I go along!

Nice to meet you!




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